Debt Recovery

On time real time reporting from the Debt Recovery Term.  As soon as a payment is made the system will update via Ipay88 gateway collection and owners will be updated immediately.  Reconciliation will also be made immediately if payment is done through our gateway.  Our clients will know exactly which invoice was paid and when it was done.

Watch how our systems prompt you when accounts look doubtful.  Behavior patterns of customers will be highlighted and your input will be sought for further action.  Our select group of callers will immediately follow up on this matter so the impact on cash flow is minimal.  Our focus on keeping the DSO as low as possible will allow our clients to concentrate on their developmental plans.

How will it benefit you?

Professional: Our professional group of callers have over 20 years of experience in handling amicable debt recovery processes. Be rest assured that all matters will be handled delicately and professionally.

Worry-Free: We will complement you to establish a good relationship with your customers so you are able to stay focused on your business. We don’t want our clients to stop growing.