Legal Advice

In the event there is a situation where legal expertise is needed to take legal action against debtors then our team of lawyers will be able to assist. Issuance of Legal Letter of Demand whereby a bulk rate has already been negotiated to enable our clients to take the extra step without focusing so much on the cost.

Our panel of lawyers focuses on supporting you in overcoming the challenges of taking legal steps against your debtors. This is often the best route forward once Amicable Debt Collection attempts have been exhausted.

Our Legal Collection Services include:

  • Advice on possible legal action and the expected outcome.
  • Access to our legal networks including lawyers, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Legal collection activities (bailiff, court action, and enforcement measures).
  • Accompanying you throughout the legal proceedings.
  • Cost-effective action due to preferential rates pre-negotiated with legal practices.